Lightning Protection Masts


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We began supplying lightning protection masts in 1987 and since then we have been the leading manufacturers of aluminium masts. Our decades of experience ensures that you will receive only the highest quality of masts and we are alsoable to provide a 3 year mechanical warrantee on this product. Many people are not aware of the immense benefits aluminium masts have as opposed to galvanised steel masts.We offer a variation of masts from 6m to 24m.

The benefits of aluminium masts include:

  • If you are living in coastal conditions, aluminium masts are required as opposed to steel masts. Galvanised steel masts are not suited to these conditions, as they will create rust if struck by lightning. This will make your structure exceptionally unsafe.
  • Aluminium is a lighter material than galvanised steel. This makes aluminium masts easier to install and therefore the installation will beĀ  less expensive than galvanised steel masts.
  • Maintenance of aluminium lightning protection masts is simple and cost-effective.
  • Most insurance companies will not cover a property that has a thatch roof, unless the property is protected by a reliable lightning protection mast.
Lightning Protection Masts